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Like I said…

…decades of work on the part of sex-positive feminists has gone to waste.

Stephen Fry made everybody mad by saying that women don’t enjoy sex, we just put up with it because it’s the price for having a relationship. You might recall that I said the same thing about various fashionable, health-endangering perversions a few days ago.

What Mr. Fry said was of course greatly exaggerated, but there is some truth in it and we all know it. Of course he partly misses the point; women, straight or gay, don’t engage in the kind of bathhouse behavior that gay men do because nature has wisely put obstacles before the enjoyment of the sex that might have nine months (and then many years) of consequences.

But the feminists angrily denouncing the idea that women aren’t as sex-crazed as men are also missing the point. (Why would greater self-control and less distraction be a bad thing for us?) One with the catchy name Rosie Boycott says, “Women are just as capable as men are of enjoying sex. We don’t go cruising or cottaging on Hampstead Heath because we don’t need to.” We don’t need to because our less easily awakened sex drive makes sex a seller’s market to us, Miss Boycott. If we really had the same sex urge as men, we’d be on Hampstead Heath with them.

My post “The Devaluation of the Feminine” got quite a few comments, mostly from men, insisting that women do so enjoy various deviant acts that endanger our health and/or go nowhere near our nerve bundles. I had to delete most of these because they insisted on naming or even detailing whatever act they thought I was alluding to even though my post should have made it clear enough that I was too squeamish to go into any kind of detail. (None of these seemed to believe that I was using the plural for a reason, they were all certain that I was talking about their own favorite kink. Did plurals go out of style when I wasn’t looking? Or is everyone else so much less prudish than I that no one could believe that anyone could object to more than one act out there?)

Social scientists have for decades used homosexuals as a sort of laboratory of behavioral differences between the sexes. How each sex behaves when it doesn’t have to accommodate the other is a good indication of its true nature.

Well, gay men have the bathhouse culture. AIDS slowed that down to a great extent, but certainly didn’t eliminate it.

Lesbians have “lesbian bed death“.

I rest my case.



Now, let us abandon humanity’s favorite subject and get back to theology and obscure political theory.

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