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I will never be embarrassed about watching I Dream of Jeannie again.

A relative just insisted on showing me a few minutes of Toddlers and Tiaras. This is just one of the uplifting sights that the show offered:

A quick Google shows a lot more photos of little girls JonBenet’ed up, and the above is far from the sluttiest looking. A couple of the pictures, at first I thought were dolls. Dolls intended to resemble Tammy Fay Bakker.

There were two little girls, sisters, at my ballet school when I was a kid who did the pageant thing. They even wore makeup.

They didn’t look like this.

When my kinswoman had mercy and changed the channel, I dug up this notorious video to show her. I first saw it back when I used to follow Roissy’s blog; he linked it expressing amazement that parents would allow this. Parents: When Roissy thinks you are teaching your daughters to be too slutty, you are teaching your daughters to be too slutty.

The last few weeks, I’ve been unexpectedly remembering a lot of my own teenage dating experiences and wishing that I had lived in the Victorian era, when girls could count on adults to hang around and prevent boys from… from doing what boys will do if there aren’t adults around to stop them. Heck, even when I was tutoring a boy for history class, I could have used protection. It was much more sensible to have teenage girls courted by men in their twenties who had learned some self-control, and teenage boys off being supervised by grown men instead of by grown women, kept steadfastly away from teenage girls except under surveillance.

I haven’t mentioned these wistful fantasies to anyone because I don’t need to hear more blather about how terrible it was that parents didn’t used to throw their daughters to the wolves when they were still children. But when I was looking for the picture and video above, I encountered enough expressions of horror about both that I can hope that I am not the only one who is starting to realize that girls need protection. And guidance. And that men need to be able to find brides who were not shaking their junk in front of a camera at the age of four.

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