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Well, they always are. But in today’s world, just as in every adventure story where a tyrant overlooks one righteously angry hero, they may be the one thing our overlords didn’t take into account.

Before I explain why I actually feel some uncharacteristic optimism about young men, let me answer the common objection that today’s youth is too spoiled, effete, brainwashed, etc. to deal with the horrific problems which are inevitably coming. Every time I hear that, I remember what Grandma Fontaine told Scarlett O’Hara about her grandson:

”Before the war, Alex was the most worthless dandy in the world and he never had a thought beyond a new cravat and getting drunk and shooting somebody and chasing girls who were no better than they should be. But look at him now! He learned farming because he had to learn. He’d have starved and so would all of us. Now he raises the best cotton in the County and he knows what to do with hogs and chickens.”

Many pampered, miseducated generations in the past have surprised the world. This one may do it too.

For decades, in their inexorable march towards dictatorship, Western governments have striven to seize all the rewards of society and shower them upon people who they deemed likely to go along with an increasingly totalitarian agenda in return for bread and circuses. Women, Third World immigrants, and the generally incompetent are lavished with status, money, prestigious jobs, and lots of attention. News outlets and universities have destroyed everything that used to keep society functioning. Colleges and even high schools used to be for, you know, smart people. Now college has been dumbed down so that anybody can go there, and the smart people now have nowhere to go, because society no longer gives a damn about them and is just fine with them committing suicide out of boredom at 16 rather than sticking around wrecking the grade curve. Marriage has been destroyed so that most men have no hope of female companionship; without external forces imposing monogamy, all the women gravitate to a handful of high-status men, resulting in de facto harems. Degrees and jobs go to protected groups whether they’ve earned them or not, leaving the people who have created and maintained everything we have for centuries – white men – with no reason to work hard.

It looks pretty hopeless, given how many of us have been duped and how futile our efforts at self-defense have been.

But when they created a political system designed to distribute spoils to their accomplices and suppress the most normal and healthy human impulses, they overlooked one pesky detail: young Western men.

Young men are notoriously difficult to domesticate. It’s possible that our overlords imagined that they could train the testosterone out of them. Throughout history, society has saddled young men with wives, children and jobs at the earliest opportunity to keep them out of trouble. Nowadays, society deprives them of all of these things, choosing instead to give them to women and foreigners. When I explored the MRA blogosphere a few years ago, I was struck by how many men stated that they would never join the police or the armed forces, because they saw no reason to risk their necks upholding governments which have betrayed them. How does a society suicidal enough to let its men feel that they have no stake in defending it expect to survive?

Despite massive efforts to brainwash men into mutating into the Progressive ideal, young men still want the same things young men have wanted since Cain killed Abel: status, competition, adventure, toys, and sex. More importantly, while the more risk-averse – women and older people – are, well, easier to control, young men are the very embodiment of difficult to control. Piles of statistics show that men in their teens and twenties are more likely than any other group to die or be seriously injured in accidents, and everyone who has ever met a young man knows that this is because young men enjoy taking risks. Even the intelligent ones who have a clear understanding of what they are risking by bungee jumping or picking fights in bars or whatever high-risk behavior appeals to them still do it. It’s nature’s way of giving them a chance to seize a kingdom for themselves. And however much women complain about this, we like that about them, which is why professional athletes who may well end up permanently crippled tomorrow have no shortage of female companionship.

I suppose Progressive social architects imagined that if they made it impossible for young white men to seize or build their own kingdoms, then older white men would not hold the power said social architects coveted so ardently.

Unfortunately for Progressive powermongers, young Western men are problem-solving creatures. If doors are barred to them, they will find hidden entrances if they don’t just break them down. Young men aren’t good at resignation. Challenges? Back ways? System building? Those, they’re good at. Example: The moment society told women that they didn’t need marriage and did need sex, the pick-up artist movement became completely inevitable. As a religious person I should disapprove, but on a practical level it gives me hope for my species.

The main thing about pick-up artistry is that it relies on politically incorrect premises. A great deal of the mockery directed against PUAs consists of reinforcing the party line, sarcastically asserting that women aren’t superficial enough to respond to status in men and similar myths. (Another common tactic is to insist that women could not possibly respond favorably to the flamboyant clothing a few PUAs affect. I assume that those who make this argument are under the impression that the Beatles – and every other rock star since – sadly lacked female companionship.) After spending their entire lives being indoctrinated in Progressive fantasies about human nature, young men are surprised at first when they hear PUA gurus telling them that everything they’ve been taught is wrong. But young men have the urge to, as Freud put it, kill their fathers – a metaphor for the willingness to defy their elders if obedience won’t get them what they want. A few experiments with PUA principles proves that they are correct and the myths of egalitarianism and the blank slate are demolished by the desire of young men to have sex.

Having discovered that what they’ve been told all their lives about women is a lie, why should young men believe anything else they’ve been told? More and more of them do not. Neil Strauss is probably the single most famous pick-up artist thanks to his books, and aside from acknowledging that women respond to different attraction triggers than men, he’s quite politically correct. Not all PUAs are. Explore their blogs and you find young men who are willing to question everything they have ever been taught. And a surprisingly large number of them are showing an understanding of how civilizations actually work, that they require real marriage, families, religion, and rewards to those who do most of the work – men. The notorious Roissy is a hedonist who is content to benefit from feminist folly, but he fully understands the vast destruction it and other progressive folly are wreaking.

Other young male urges are finding similarly unapproved outlets. There is a reason that computer hackers are mostly young men. And anyone who imagines that PUAs are applying what they’re learning only to getting laid is living in a dream world.

It would be wrong to say that young men “have the courage” to face up to authority figures and demolish their misinformation. That would imply that this was a difficult and scary thing for them to do, which they would rather not have to. Well, I, a middle-aged woman, would much prefer to have trustworthy authority figures who gave me good advice and looked out for me, and standing up to them is a frightening duty that I wish I didn’t have.

Young men love doing this. Their fantasy lives chiefly revolve around telling all those tired old men that they’re full of it and they should get out of the way because there’s a new sheriff in town. If you doubt this, watch any adventure movie ever made. How long can Progressive lies continue against people biologically programmed to question them? They only got a handhold because for a few years, young men thought that Progressive programs would get them sex and drugs.

The present regime, like every regime, is utterly dependent upon young men continuing to submit to it. Only, young men have no reason whatever to submit to it, and a great many reasons not to. As immovable as it now seems, it is on a collision course with an irresistible force.

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New app lets parents read to children from afar

(Reuters) – Parents whose hectic schedules mean they can’t be at home when their children go to bed can now buy an app which enables them to read their youngsters a goodnight story or sing them a lullaby from afar.

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Seems I’ve been cited on Stormfront. They’re quoting other people who I’ve quoted, but still, they gave me and not the original articles as their reference.

I think I shall choose to find this amusing.

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Toxic Optimism

One of the main reasons that people fall for Progressivism is that the propaganda appeals to their vanity. People who know themselves to be of low morals or ability enjoy the egalitarian assurances that they are just as good as the virtuous and the competent. Those with a bit more intelligence savor the image of themselves as generous benefactors, enough that they are willing to steal billions from every productive citizen in the realm to continue feeling that way. And liberals seem to devote inordinate time to complimenting each other on how enlightened their opinions are.

But another reason which I had overlooked until now is that Progressive propaganda appeals to people’s optimism. We conservatives are always raining on the parade by pointing out reality, and reality, a lot of the time, is a downer. Reality is full of consequences, failure, mean people, human fallibility, germs, falling rocks, etc.

Just how powerful a force foolish optimism is wasn’t clear to me until I was in a bookstore a few days ago. I took a look at the works of a certain authoress who’s been recommended to me, one of those who writes basically romance novels only longer and with more plot. I read a few random pages and realized that there was no way I could possibly read an entire book of this. I don’t read romances, not out of intellectual snobbery but because the fictional universes in such works require a fundamental optimism I can’t believe in. The fiction I read tends to involve wars, lots of people dying, and star-crossed lovers. Indeed, a few years ago I went through a phase where I could only watch westerns and classic war movies, in which a happy ending generally meant the hero dying bravely, because I couldn’t endure facile assurances that things – any things – would turn out all right in the end.

I was amazed recently when some people I know, who I had thought were sensible, started recommending The Secret. I knew someone was buying that vile book (and the celebrities who are promoting it are all known liberals), it just never occurred to me that I would ever actually come into contact with such a person. But the number of copies that have sold is a demonstration of how badly people want to be sold fairy tales -and it’s an insult to call that pack of lies a fairy tale, because real fairy tales forced their protagonists to suffer and show great merit before giving them a pot of gold and a beautiful spouse.

Most self-help books are the same tripe, that one is just a distillation of the genre. There are a few self-help books that take the tough-love approach, but the fact that I’m having trouble thinking of examples just shows how much less successful these are.

Back in the days when I was exploring New Age folderol, I belonged to a sort of club of Tarot card readers. I must say that, while we were searching in the wrong places, the members of that club were sincerely seeking understanding and spirituality. One of the members decided that since she enjoyed reading cards so much, working for one of those 1-900 numbers would be a good deal for her. What she didn’t realize, though perhaps it should have been obvious, was that the people who call those numbers were not like the serious seekers in our club. Her callers wanted to be told that fortune and romance were just around the corner, regardless of what idiot mistakes they were making. One of them was on parole and asked her if he was going to stay out of prison – as if this were a matter of Fate over which he had no control. She tried to read the cards honestly. She was fired in a week.

During Dubya’s administration, one evening I listened to a speech he gave about terorrism. Everything he said about it was self-evidently true and I really couldn’t see – ah, for those naïve days – how liberals could possibly take exception to any of it.

The next day yielded a pile of editorials and blog posts whining about how Dubya was “playing on our fears”, “promoting fear”, and other trite phrases for fear-mongering. I saw then, though I didn’t pay enough attention to the revelation at the time, that what liberals want is a government which will tell them comforting lies, like the kind parents tell frightened toddlers so they can get to sleep. When a politician – or anyone – mentions facts to them, it makes them very angry. No wonder they can’t handle having it pointed out to them that their economic policies are going to lead to (more) disaster; they can’t even endure hearing that terrorism exists no matter how manifest its existence is.

Small wonder Progressivism steadily gains ground. Progressives tells everyone who obeys them that they are wonderful people and that as long as those mean old right-wingers don’t spoil it for everyone, Hussein Obama is going to lead us to a paradise of bunnies, bread and circuses. How the hell can facts and logic compete with that?

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It’s an incredibly stupid holiday to begin with.

But there’s nothing that can’t be made worse by seeing a James Bond actor in drag.

(Here, if for some reason you actually want to see it. Or if you just don’t believe I wasn’t kidding.)

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