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In the last couple of years, it seems to me that the media has gotten more blatantly corrupt than it used to be. Journalists seem frighteningly confident that any distortions they promote, any evil they advocate, will go unchallenged – or rather, that the challenges will be futile. The inaccurate remark of Senator Jon Kyl is a good illustration of this.

In the tedious arguments about how many billions the government is going to steal from Americans and what they’re going to squander them on, Senator Kyl, a Republican, said that 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions. The actual percentage is much smaller. The MSM is currently wetting itself in glee; there’s headlines all over the place with dramatic titles like “Jon Kyl: The Facts Don’t Matter To Me” or “Kyl Lies About Planned Parenthood”. Some muckraker named Lawrence O’Donnell got all weepy while defending PP. I keep coming across links to this article: What Planned Parenthood Actually Does.

I’ve been avoiding the news a lot since the last disastrous presidential election, as I already grind my teeth and have insomnia and ulcers. But this flap first came to my attention because I saw a link to that last article and clicked on it, assuming that it was going to be a litany of horrors about Planned Parenthood covering up child molestation and trafficking. Instead, it turns out to be a sunny piece about all the nice pap smears and stuff.

There are two things wrong with this. The first is the glaringly obvious one: When a man who has shot a bank teller or two in the course of a robbery is tried for murder, no lawyer would defend him by saying that only 3% of his activities have been murder. There’s an old analogy: whether you put a single drop of sewage into a barrel of wine, or a single drop of wine into a barrel of sewage, the result in both cases is sewage. Murder is kinda like that. Whether it’s a little bit of murder or a whole lot of murder, it’s still, you know, murder. We don’t remember the Nazis primarily for their snappy uniforms, even though they spent more time wearing snappy uniforms than they did committing mass murder.

Second, there’s the PP activities which don’t show up on any chart, but have led some commenters to nickname is “Pedophile Protection”. Take the infamous tape of a PP employee coaching a supposed pimp on how to evade the law when he brings his 14-year-old illegal immigrant sex slaves in for venereal disease treatment or abortions. I deliberately chose that link to give an example of how the MSM is falling over itself making excuses for PP.

The same week that PP’s aid to traffickers in teenage girls came to light, everybody got into a righteous froth over Chick-fil-A because the manager of one of its many outlets donated a few sandwiches to an organization that opposes gay marriage. Articles and blogs leapt from these boring facts to declarations that Chick-fil-A “hated” homosexuals.

In the first place, not wanting ancient institutions radically altered for someone is several million light years away from “hating” them.

In the second place, let’s take a look at the MSM’s priorities. An organization that has one employee who gives a tiny gesture of support to an organization opposing gay marriage, which frankly at this point is an incredibly trivial issue, is demonized. An organization that helps a supposed criminal cover up his systematic forced prostitution of young teenage girls must have every allowance and excuse made for it, only the individual employee caught in the act must be held responsible, and excuses must be found even for her – the woman who suggested that 14-year-old sex slaves who have recently had abortions could still earn their keep by performing oral sex, according to ABC, “appears to act professionally and appropriately.”

Oh, also, a lot of people were mad that the pretend pimp was “entrapping” PP employees eager to help forced prostitution of minors. I have never heard these people complain about the many minority members who are paid by the taxpayer to go to banks and realtors and so on fraudulently pretending to be customers in hopes of catching someone showing a hint of possible racism.

This incident was the most glaring example of PP’s long history of systematic concealment of the rape of minors. Just a few links:

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Despite the only too clear catastrophes caused by contraception, I have always been reluctant to outright condemn it. First, there will always be some irresponsible promiscuous people and being their offspring has always been a horrible fate – but by now, we have seen that making contraception available does not protect children from this fate. Second, I myself was an unwanted, unplanned child, and it is not a fate I would wish on anyone. But then, my parents had birth control, and usually used it. They were just careless one night. The availability did not save me.

When the organized protection of child molesters and rapists of teenagers is not only escaping consequences, but is also government funded, perhaps it is time to admit that birth control is a bad thing.

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