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Everybody is linking this today, rather gleefully, and frothing at the mouth about how terrible it is that some people advise women about how to minimize their chances of getting raped. I’ve been flamed by feminists before for denouncing their long-standing habit of urging women to put themselves in danger. But that today’s women need to be told “getting stinking drunk is unsafe” or “don’t go to crime-ridden neighborhoods in a miniskirt at 1 am”, let alone believe that they should be offended at having such commonsense measures pointed out to them, shows why today’s governments keep expanding the nanny state.

The absurdity of the item linked above is so complete that there is really no way to answer it. Are we supposed to listen seriously to people who imagine that violent people are going to listen to this kind of thing? That it is not more effective to advise prospective victims on how to safeguard themselves? Potential rapists have no interest in restraining themselves. Potential victims have a great deal.

In the interest of suggesting something more constructive than either set of advice above, I have wearily compiled a short list which, if followed, will cut rapes down to less than ten percent of what they are now. I absolutely guarantee it.

Feminists and liberals will oppose every measure below with all their might, because they do not care at all if women get raped.

1. Restore fatherhood. Virtually all violent crimes are committed by people who grew up in fatherless homes. So if we want to lower crime – which feminists do not – we will abolish no-fault divorce and default mother custody. Also we must deny unwed mothers welfare unless they surrender their children for adoption by a married couple.

2. Abolish co-education. Locking girls up with boys who have not yet been socialized guarantees that many of them will be sexually assaulted before they have even begun puberty. If feminists wanted girls to be safe from violence, they would have rioted until co-education was outlawed decades ago.

3. Have boys taught by men. Female teachers have demonstrated that they cannot stand up to a six-year-old with a penis. Really, this is as unfair to boys as it is to girls. When a boy spends his childhood and adolescence physically and sexually assaulting girls and getting not so much as an admonition from the authority figures in his life, small wonder that he imagines he can continue committing assault when he comes of age. When he finally chooses a victim who is not his classmate and not on a campus, he will probably be completely astonished to find himself arrested this time.

4. Abolish Third World immigration. Especially Muslim. Return most such immigrants who are already here back to wherever they came from. Liberals become enraged when this well documented fact is pointed out to them, but such immigrants commit crimes wildly out of proportion to their numbers. If Muslims in Europe were sent home, the rape rate over there would virtually vanish.

5. Restore cultural respect for chastity. Help women avoid foolishly putting themselves in danger to win the approval of irresponsible feminists by giving them societal support in taking care of themselves. Help spiritually weak men – the ones who commit nearly all crimes, and thus have always needed society’s help to control themselves – by not constantly provoking their animal side.

I wrote this out of frustration that friends of mine – intelligent women, who should have better sense – have been so indoctrinated that they think the nonsense I linked above deserves applause. But mostly, I feel incredibly weary that this is what is taking up people’s attention. The economy dissolving, crime and terrorism ever more rampant, and various social pathologies are destroying our civilization, and people are making a fuss about how terrible it is to give women advice that would make them a little bit safer from the hell progressives have created. The words “Rome” and “fiddle” come to mind.

EDIT: And just after I finished this, my dear Hypatia complained about coming across some idiot declaring that saying that someone has “a big fat mouth” is “fat-phobic”, and a commercial came on tv asserting that using the word “retarded” to disparage someone who does stupid things, like complain about women being advised not to put themselves in vulnerable positions, is just as bad as using nasty ethnic slurs. Fiddling indeed.

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