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Remember when I said that egalitarianism leads to racism? And egalitarianism fuels fascism?

IQ Resistance

Another reason why the existence of IQ as a largely inherited feature is unacceptable is the simple fact that half (50%) of the population is below average, condemned to live out their lives in a inferior social position. If IQ is so important and it is immutable, then there are no real ways for social advancement. Maybe beauty, but little else. And if it is inherited, then the Dream of the Jewish Mother (“My Son, The Doctor!”) is unreal. Hopelessness would be a sure receipt for social restlessness, at least in a democracy.

Not that the recognition of IQ would make society unworkable. Many (maybe most) societies were organized in a pyramidal way, with a King supposedly divine, descended from the Sun (like the Japanese Emperor), and an hereditary caste of aristocrats or samurais. One is born into these castes, no merit could make one a divine king or a noble samurai. People accepted this state of affairs as normal and went on with their lives. But we in the West cannot go back and restate a hierarchical society. Too many people has a stake in the current system.

And the French Republic (Napoleon!) has shown the superior fighting power of democracies over autocracies. There is no way to go back. Egalite has triumphed.

I have to disagree with that last. We will go back. The difference is, how much of civilization will we lose before the egalitarian experiment collapses, leaving us to rebuild on its rubble. While fighting off the savages egalitarianism has unleashed.

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I am continuing to read Arthur Herman’s The Idea of Decline in Western History and to be impressed by it. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to know how we came to our present pass. It’s especially enlightening as to the history of racism. Readers of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism will find that the estimable Mr. Goldberg only scratched the surface.

Socialism has always been linked to race rackets, whether it’s the affirmative action type of the universalist left or the extreme racism of the nationalist left, such as the National Socialists of Germany. It turns out that it was in fact racism that gave socialism its foothold. During the 19th century, a great many people were convinced that the white race was degenerating and needed to be revived in some way. (Hitler did not make up his philosophy himself; he was drawing upon a large well of ideas with which many people in Europe and America agreed at the time.) Eugenics laws, forcible sterilization, and the various other gimmicks people came up with for the revitalization of white people required huge amounts of money and in many cases outside force. In short, only government intervention could keep the white race pure and robust. Our ancestors gave up much of their (and our) liberty and property because they believed it was a necessity to save Caucasians from oblivion.

(And by the way, it didn’t work.)

Also, I reiterate: egalitarianism leads to racism. Classism is inherent in all societies, but efforts to ignore or eradicate it lead to all sorts of damaging things, such as replacing social class with other divisions, such as race or age. It should be obvious, but perhaps must be mentioned anyway, that classism does not mean hating members of other classes, or depriving them of their basic human rights, nor should class barriers be impermeable. (In fact, they never have been, even when the ruling powers attempted to make them so.) Those are the vices of racism, including the reverse racism of hating white people.

The book includes a chapter about W.E.B. Du Bois, the Stalinist who formed most of today’s leftist racial thought: hatred of America, the assertion that oppressive imperialism has been the sole contribution of the white race to history, that capitalism and chastity are evil, that a “talented tenth” of nonwhite people ought to lead the rest of them to destroy the corrupt western civilization. He visited Nazi Germany in 1936 and clearly drew much of his inspiration from their theories, ironic as it seems. Nazis believed that Aryans were the primordial human race, who spread over the earth created all the benefits of civilization but then degenerated. Du Bois believed almost the same thing about Africans. Du Bois also created the black use of the word “soul”; as Herman points out, Du Bois used it as the equivalent of the Nazi usage of the word Kultur.

Du Bois, it turns out, was from a family of free mulattoes from Haiti. His family was never enslaved, and they were wealthy, educated and refined. Light-skinned mulattoes, even in the era of slavery, frequently escaped the legal and social discrimination that darker-skinned black people lived with. Then in the 1890’s, the Jim Crow laws stripped this gens de couleur libre of their privileged status. “These laws would soon ruin that natural black aristocracy that Fiske [University] had cultivated and to which Du Bois belonged, transforming its members into second-class citizens and leaving them at the mercy of poor-white voters and mobs…. A recurring image in his later writings is the humiliation of the segregated railway car, in which well-to-do blacks (such as himself) are forced to ride in filth and squalor while the lowest white farmhand travels in comfort.” (Herman, p. 193.)

The point here is, attempting to demolish class barriers results in lumping people of different classes together on the basis of other criteria, such as race. The result of this is the creation of fascist demagogues whose reaction of poisonous philosophies culminates in the election of Barack Obama to the most powerful office in the world.

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Read enough odd books and you’ll find out all sorts of things.

Racism as we understand it today is fairly recent. Before the nineteenth century, people felt the same way about members of a different race as they did about subjects of a different nation whose ethnicity was similar to their own. In fact, the term “race” then meant lineage, which is why in old books there are references to “the French race” or “the Spanish race”, etc.

It often surprises modern people to discover that in bygone times, for example, black African monarchs were respected by Europeans as monarchs should be. People understood that among every group, there was a hierarchy, and this was recognized as valid; the Africans and the Chinese and everyone else had their sovereigns, aristocrats, geniuses, skilled craftsmen, honest peasantry, riffraff, etc. According to this, during the Regency period, wealthy black people (they were rare, but existed) were considered a prized asset as party guests and as spouses.

This is partly because at that time, there was no significant political facet to race. There was no large organized force of nonwhite people ready to press any advantage. But there is another reason as well.

In the nineteenth century, Carl Gustav Carus and Gustav Klemm founded racial thought. There are few racial essentialists today, at least of the intellectual variety, but the concepts of these two men still clearly influence the few still in existence. What concerns us about their ideas now is that they were, surprising as it seems today, egalitarian ones, intended to demolish the concept of social class.

…the chief appeal of racism in the nineteenth century was its politically progressive, even liberal, message. If all whites (or white males) were equal by race, there was no excuse for social or economic discrimination among them. Race theory shattered the claims of an aristocratic class to privilege and authority. Instead, all Frenchmen or Englishmen or Germans were endowed from birth with the same cultural gifts, regardless of social origin. And even as European society itself was moving in this happy, egalitarian direction, so must white cultural power naturally extend itself over the nonwhite world. In short, the whole direction of racial thinking in Europe was one of liberal egalitarian optimism, even self-satisfaction.

~Arthur Herman, The Idea of Decline in Western History

History has, of course, since shown that racist thought is deeply dangerous, and not only to nonwhites. Classism, which racism was intended to displace and probably did, never caused a fraction of the havoc.

All snobbery is about the problem of belonging….

Another simple device is to form and formulate the category itself in such a way that you should be included in the best possible circles. The position of the Negro in the United States is, fortunately, one of the many subjects which do not concern us here. But even a cursory glance at, or a nodding acquaintance with, the problem teaches us that the so-called Poor Whites simply desire to belong. If all whites are herded together; if all whites are members of the same group, then the Poor White is, logically, in the same class as the Southern Aristocrat.

~The Duke of Bedford’s Book of Snobs

Not all forms of snobbery are created equal.

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Egalitarianism Destroys Standards

I have been intending to post this for a few days, as followup to my post about aristocracy supporting achievement, and a link I acquired this morning via An Englishman’s Castle  prompted me to action. Because the fact is, the notion that everybody ought to be exactly equal in the eyes of the law leads inevitably to the notion that everybody ought to be equal, period, and the only way to maintain that absurdity is by lowering standards. This is what has been going on for the last several decades, and why the products of the last few decades are almost all ugly and comical. This is not something that might hypothetically occur at some point in the future, it has already occurred.

The Englishman posted this link which gives a perfect example: Anger after student stages ‘suicide’ as performance art.

A SWEDISH art student has been condemned by police and medical staff after she faked a suicide attempt and then attacked a hospital’s psychiatric nurses and doctors as part of a “play”.

For her final project before graduation, Anna Odell, 35, pretended she was about to take her own life by jumping off a bridge. Horrified witnesses called police, who restrained the kicking and screaming woman.

To heighten the irony, when I visited the page, the sponsor ad was for a company called “Snorgtees” and featured three adolescent tarts wearing T-shirts, the first of which bore the slogan, “I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL.” I find myself tempted to send Miss Odell one of them, except that she probably wouldn’t understand that it was an insult. Also, on rereading the article, I see that she is 35, and thus well past the age when silly, narcissistic behavior can be partly excused by youth.

This article naturally reminded me of another “art student” who made headlines a few months back: For senior, abortion a medium for art, political discourse. This little tramp videotaped herself pretending to perform multiple home abortions on herself. Besides having the effrontery to make this her senior art project at Yale (which, some of you may recall, was once a school with standards), she also pretended that the abortions were real. The day the news was released many people believed her claim that she had spent months getting herself pregnant “as often as possible” and then aborting her children for the camera, all for an art project. When the university revealed that the abortions were fake (and others pointed out the biological unlikelihood of the enterprise), she continued to insist that they were real; apparently, sticking to the lie was part of the “project”.

I believe it is in order to remind ourselves of what an art education is supposed to equip a person to do:

This is by John William Godward, who committed suicide when the hoax known as “modern art” destroyed his career. His suicide note said that there was not enough room in the world for both him and Picasso.

Once we lowered our standards enough for Picasso and Mondrian, it was only a matter of time before silly girls who couldn’t draw a stick figure started presenting their neurotic bids for attention as “art”. Tell narcissists with no ability that they are equal to Alma-Tadema and publicity stunts like these follow inevitably.

Shall we go on? In the nineteenth century, preteens were reading Dante in school. American children not yet into two digits knew the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and most of the Bible by heart. Nowadays, well, I suspect that only two or three of my teachers had even read any of these works, and they were old enough to remember higher standards. Academic standards had to be lowered so that everybody could reach them, because not everybody could do what was once demanded.

Before equality, black Americans gave the world jazz, one of the most moving, complex, life-affirming forms of music ever created. Now, the race which gave us Marian Anderson and Louis Armstrong has given up singing and creating melodies in exchange for talking rhythmically. It can’t be racial inferiority causing blacks to produce “music” as worthless as rap, though it must be a tempting argument to the remaining racists in the world; less than a century ago they created something of infinitely more artistic worth. No, the egalitarian lowering of standards is to blame.



I got these images from Wikipedia, which says the one of Miss Jolie was taken at the World Economic Forum in Davos. It’s like they were trying to prove my point. In 1948, did anybody invite an actress to a “world economic forum”?

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